Monday, July 23, 2007

Is HUMILITY a VIRTUE ? -the truth about the untruth

They call me - GG.
Then they ask me -why the hell do they call you-gg?
i tell,as if in jest-with a wide grin, so bright- thats because ,am a Great Guy.
They wince at it or their face contorts,when one man is bold enough or has so much shirt bursting self-pride that you feel as if you are slapped on your face- because they are not used to the honesty of the true way one feels about oneself. then they console themselves or come to terms with it-may be,they had heard someone joking about himself.
and i let that pass,
feeling great about oneself is quite a great feeling-much greater than HUMILITY-huh.
FEDERER may win twenty grand slams and still say,
'please dont compare eras" or some humble nonsense.
that is social pretense at its best-so that WE-the MEEK,shall say-"hey,he has won so many,still he remains the same" and THATS HIPPOCRACY in the form of HUMILITY.
i'd rather stay with a JOHN McENROEsque-"I'M THE BEST"-HONEST and TRUE-if thats the way you feel about you-who the hell cares,what the hell they think about you - one helluva feeling,right? -GEORGE BUSH-Jr. would have said " hey,GG-you're doing a heckuva job! "