Wednesday, October 8, 2008

let the kid rule his/her life-EIGHT-8-CARDINAL RULES for becoming a BETTER PARENT

dont read MAXIM/old DEBONAIR collection or watch F-TV lingerie collection show in front of your kids-bcoz your kids might demand their more dangerous share of the pie- JET-ix bloodbath terror-toons and TNT/WWE/WWF-simian parody of wrestling

let your children EARN their rewards- watching whatever they want on tv or playing the most violent computer/playstation games- only if they let you let you watch F-TV in peace so that you could,huh...[ dont expect that a shrink should teach about every foolishly forbidden but often fanatically pursued adoloscent pursuits] or let you use their playstation to play the same violent games YOU BOTH love-for a few hours more...

dont get deluded that you are the BEST PARENT ON EARTH or your child is THE MOST INTELLIGENT KID on earth- because most "BEST "parents -euphemism of CONTROL FREAK-TYRANTS - end up creating HARD ROCKIN WEIRDOs [ like ME-present] out of brilliant prodigies [ like ME-past]- (now you heard it from the devil himself...)

let the kids decide what they want to become-the hyper-intelligent janitor of GOODWILL HUNTING or paranoid nobel prize winning JOHN NASH of A BEAUTIFUL MIND or the prodigal FORREST GUMP or just the good samaritan,tax paying,traffic rule obeying,chivalrous and decent citizen next door AND NOT YOU,YOU,YOU...decide or thrust or push your dreams and desires upon him/her.

dont say you were better disciplined and more obedient when you were their age because your kids are more STREET SMART than you ever were and so they know you are lying yet again about your childhood of "doordarshan- chitrahar" watching 1970s and 1980s [ however you feel nostalgic about them or you wish time could better have frozen-in those innocent poor years]

let hold of your finances in tight leash in these consumption rich years-[ considering the current global financial meltdown]-and not letting your baser instincts overcome your fiscal discipline to splurge on what ever your kid wants-just bcoz your parents dint indulge you as you could have wished- you might end up making your child a BRAT or a SNOB and you becoming BANKRUPT[ just like american sub-prime housing mortgage buyers/sellers ended up-buying what you cant afford]

dont quarrel ABOUT KIDS in front of kids-bcoz,with every advancing year- you become more of your wife/husband and the vice versa-you end up knowing each other too well so that you wish you never had known him/her- you tend to comfort and support your child when your spouse is disciplining her/him-you both end up taking sides with the child in turns-so the kid gets confused who the REAL ENEMY is?

LET THE KID RULE HIS/HER LIFE-bcoz,when the kid becomes the pawn in the mind games you play with your spouse,he/she[the much smarter kid] turns the tables on you both-by becoming the master of his own life[ the last thing parents want to happen to their kids-even when the so called kid-happens to be in the wrong side of the balding forties]-when you wanna play doubles with your kids-team up like the 'tougher together'-williams sisters and not like the "has been" often at feud-CONGRESS-LEFT coalition partners.

1-there are true and worthy parenting tips,concealed in the multiple layers of satire,dark sarcasm and dreary cynical word jugglery
2-there is an usage of politically correct gender sensitivity-her/his-she/he-etc-to assuage any inflated intellectual brawl-seeking feministic spirit that stumbles upon this rather mens club feel of this blog

BLOGGING WILL CONTINUE- smoke will continue to emanate from the nostrils of the public domain of this blog,as the fire still burns within my heart-EVEN IF ANBUMANI RAMDOSS fines or incarcerates me...

Friday, June 13, 2008

ulaganayagan- dasavathaaram-hype ,hoopla and hot air,huh...

-ulaga tamil cinema rasikarkaley,ungalukku oru anbu vanakkam,aneha namaskaaram,oru peria kumbidu... nethiadiai sollanumnuna,num kala rasanaiai romba naala- romba shaemamaa uyarthivantha kamal hasan ambi-tamil rasikarkalai -dasaavathaaram enum ulagatharam[yaaravathu ulagatharathirkku konjam vilakkam koduthaa nannaa irukkum] vaaintha thiraipadathin peyaraal,hmm...rombavey sothichutandaapa

if you are not a kamal hasan fan,its convenient to say it now.
i hear someone saying
" naan appavey sonnaenla,-too much hype-romba late-aa release aana entha tamil padamum odiyathaa sarithram illa"-
for a change, appavey naan sonnaenlanu solla virumbum anaivarukkum-U R RIGHT-

kamalukkum adi sarukkum,sarukki vilundu vittar aazhkadalin adhala padhaalathil-avar thiraipadathil varum-vainava veerar rengarajan nambi-aipoal,[but this role is one saving grace-role of that avtar singh too]
numma-sorry-unga- ulaga nayaganakku-semathiyaana adi-avar tendency to take-kalarasikamanikaalaana nammai- for granted-ukku,taking the producer for a very expensive ride-ukku.In cinema jargon-flop- is one son of a b!#**- where everyone disowns it.

"its doomed from the beginning"-an oft used expression-here, it begins with a bang-the first fifteen minutes of the flick-live up beyond hype, rises like a wave of tsunami,so high that-when it comes crashing down-it goes downhill all the way and ends with a whimper-paradoxically-it ends with a poor man's english cinema like tsunami -like a B-grade hollywood flick's III grade spl eFX.

pala koadi selavu seithu make up pannaangalaampaa kamal hasanukku- adhukku bathila andha andha charecterla sila pala nalla nadikarkala nadikka vaithirunthaal naalu kudumbam nalla irunthirukkum-producerukkum makeup selavu minji-irukkum. every so MADE-UP kamal looks like a GROTESQUE,GIGANTISM AFFLICTED PLASTERED version of himself-visually unappealing,intellectually uninspiring-patthu avathaaram padathin kadaikku thaevai padavaey illainu adichu solrein,boss-GIMMIx for the sake of GIMMIx.
himesh parava illai- oariru paatu -"kallai mattum"-at the beginning and the bhangra-pop song at the ending-are quite,really impressive.
devi sriprasad BGM- typical telugu movie stuff-romba iraichal perumbaalum,occassionally appropriate.

HIPPOCRATIC and SUPERFLUOS treatment of existentially as well as philosophically serious issues like- existence of god,violence in the name of religion,corporate greed,unethical science,violation of environment,dalit emancipation-are dealt in banal and hackneyed typical mainstream tamil cinemasque pretentious tones-worth condemning for trying to talk about such paramount issues of concern in one stroke of a stupid add to that ,this movie has hurt to the hilt-those who believe in idol worship-oru urchava perumaal silaiai-kanda idathil thooki eriyuraa,thalaikeela puratti edukkuraa-hindu munnani rajagopalan pola aatkal kothicu poiduvaa-minority appeasement laesaa vera- aanaa kadaisiyila muslims-seemed to have been saved by perumal-ngra maathiri oru underlying suggestion vaera-enna vishamam,paarungo.
TO top everything said and done in the movie,the film has grossly insensitive dialogue about the poor victims of HIROSHIMA,PEARL HARBOUR and production workla kooda intha maathiri GLARING ANOMALIES ai yaarumaey kamal hasan sir-ukku suttikkaatalai?

Voluptous with a BIG - V- Mallika Sheravat provides visual relief-HMM..adhuvum interval varaikkum thaan...
ASIN keeps shrieking " AIYO -PerumAALAE"in a shrill tone all thru out the movie-namakkum appadithaan solla thonuthu-ADA ANDAVA-UNSOATHANAIKKU ORU ALAVILLAIYAA?.oru kamal hasan padathil naditha perumai avarukku,namakko porumai thaan sothikkapaduthu...
PAAVAM-jayaprada,naagesh,KR vijaya,napolean-laesaa thenpaduraanga,vanthu vasanam paesi kamal natpukku thalai vanangittu poaraanga-matterku varuvoam

may be kamal hasan has forgotten-
there exists-an expression-" TO CUT TO THE CHASE"-he has interpreted it literally,concretely and what not?-this film is one long dreary-EPPADAA MUDIUM ?-kinda-chase,chase,chase- from a rolling contraption to car to helicopter to aeroplane to jeep to van to train to bike to running on foot,again to train-chase. "hmm,ippavey kanna kattudhaa" -you defenitely feel tired [ kamal too,appears so] at the end of the movie-especially your feet,eyes and ears,huh-on-a longgg ... journey-with hope-to begin with-and exhaustion -to end with-thats the right way to cut to the chase...

the most diehard kamal hasan fan-comes out -saying insecurely" padam paravaillaipa-enna solra?"- then-the so called KAVIPAERARASU vairamuthuvin "AI.NAvum allaikkum ULAGANAYAGAN"-aen antha AI.NA, aen intha aarukodi tamilmakkalai thaun kalaithimiraal kaaya paduthi kodumai seithirukkum kamalhasan avarkalai alaikkum enbathu avar tharkka vaatham seithirukkum-andha oruvaelai illiayo endru ninaikka thonrum kadavulukku mattumaey velicham.

BUT there is one IRONY-kamal has- thru his disjointly entertaining series of wise cracks -all thru the movie-uppilla,sathilla thinpandathirkku-sakkarai saerka muyarchikum vaelaikalin mudivil- quips something like

" NAAN KADAVUL ILLAINU SOLLALA- kadavul irunthaa nalla irukkumnu solrein"- one gem of a dialogue,i believe-[ at last,something positive to say about the movie]

I WISH THAT TOO- KADAVUL irunthaal kamal hasan-ukku nalla puthiai kuduthu-pirathiyaa panathai vaari iraithu veenadikkaama, nalla pillaiyaandaan aatum-makkal manam noakaama-uruppadiyaa aduthu oru padam eduthu ilantha maanamariaadhaia olungaa kaapathikitta avarukkum nallathu, namakkum nallathu.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"ANJAATHEY" paarpathukku ANJAATHEY-phoney oneliner punch for MISHKIN's piece de resistance

-to begin with, i'd like to give you the happy news that its not just another gangsta movie that glorifies yet another mafioso or "rowdy".

-to those fed up with the recent glut of movies that dwell on oft-beaten,milked to dry-genre of gangsta tamil films, "ANJAATHEY"-comes as a whiff of fresh air-accentuated with a cocktail aroma of fresh blood and IMFL of green board adorning dimly lit TASMAC bars.

MISHKIN has endeavoured to etch with realism-a flick,which showcases the role of destiny in entwining the lives of men into a quagmire of paradoxical possibilities-he throws at your face, the inconvenient truth of the inherent quantum instability of "being honest and good"-which turn out to be qualities with very short half-lives,but he subtly brings out with a series of heart-churning events in the life of the film's apparent protagonist,which inadvertently nudge and trip the hero into an idealistic pursuit of duty and responsibilty towards the society.


KATHAIKALAM-novel but realistic background of a delapidated housing complex of police constables and their families'aspirations,neighbourhood camraderie and petty jealousy.

the movie follows the interwining paths of two friends-one with aspirations,idealism and sense of purpose and the other with a carefree,reckless but pragmatic attitude towards life-and the culmination of their relationship towards a precipitious abyss of darkness-where they confront their antipathy and love for each other.

the real pivot around which the flick swivels is not the hero "NAREN" -but the friend with screen name" KIRUBA "who ends up a dark,brooding presence-enshrining the metamorphosis of failed dreams into impotent anger.

but if there is something flashy and vibrant in the movie,although a little too contrived and typically cinematic-it is the stylished villainy and the most popular performance of the movie coming from none other than the much cliched boy next door looker-PRASANNA-is it really,Prasanna? man,he's got talent,no doubt.

Then,for those who could have often felt actors like PANDIARAJAN are over-extending their sell by date expiry,MISHKIN has recycled pandiarajan into a pimpy,payanthakolly,cruel criminal-a multi-layered performance that'll be spoken of with reverence.

the real strength of mishkin is his emphasis and choice for the unforgettable screen presence of SUPPORTING CAST- borderline IQed,loud mouthing- KURUVI, the blood chilling,no nonsense criminal sidekick-SAPPAI, mukam theriadha antha mottai thalai assasin, that ever energetic police officer ponvannan,peyar theriatha pookaara kilavi-endru adukkikondaey poakalaam.

the plot twisting scenes of the movies are cut with innovative angles-mostly focussing on feet and hands of men-avoiding faces during dialogue-with the lighting of a dull 40 watts tungsten filament bulb-sets up an eerie and surrealistic tone for the events unfolding on the screen-requires standing ovation.

the music -especially for the never ending climax-oops,i managed to finally find fault with a rather perfect movie-sets up a crsecendo of orchestration,worth emulating.but the songs-although "kathaalai kannaley kuthathey" has been a big hit with the masses-would have invited the wrath of our honble union minister of health,dr.anbumani ramadoss-because ,as usual-they provide breaks for smoking cigarettes.

naalumaninaeram odinaalum,poatta kaasukku paisa vasool,maamey.

although, i'd have preferred QUENTIN TARANTINOsque quick,slick, stylized flicks-i take this opportunity to honour MISHKIN with the title of FUTURE MARTIN SCORSESE of TAMIL CINEMA.

For everything said and done, LET US SALUTE-MISHKIN
this movie is not for the faint hearted, so " ANJAATHEY "

Saturday, March 22, 2008

amma mess-ilirunthu ameer mahal varai-shantha tilting wet grinder- top ten

this is not the"see before you die"list of destinations.
this is not an entertainment channel's compulsive symbiotic mutual back scratching acts.
this is not a self-styled intellectual's narcisstic exhibitionism of "connosieur than thou"outpourings.
this is not an obscure software generated duckworth-lewisque equation of sorts.
i dint wear a coat&tie and dint sit on a swivel chair and dint pass sweeping statements and sell by second judgements on dubious weekly release on friday silver screens using phoney oneliners .

just felt like sharing a few notions on chemistry and combinations and partners and pairs.

1-cricket- saurav and sachin in onedayers, greenidge and haynes in tests-very cliched one to start with,
2-screen chemistry between male actors- Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt-MEET JOE BLACK, LEGENDS OF THE FALL
3-india's most wanted and most dirtiest partnerships - chest bumping,back stabbing,war mongering,battle crying duo of paes and bhupathi
4-the most acrimonious chemistry of having two great prodigies-Mclaren Mercedes-2007-Formula-1 team- Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton
5-Kollywood comedy partnerships- late 80s and early 90s-Goundamani and Senthil[karakaatakaran,vaideki kaathirunthaal,udaya geetham,chinna kounder,jallikattu kaalai-to name a few] vs Goundamani and the lucky few,Satyaraj[brahma,nadigan,maaman magal,thaimaaman]Rajnikanth[mannan]Kamalhaasan[singaravelan]Prabhu[my dear maarthaandan]Karthik[ullatthai allithaa]
6-Most symbiotic politician generated business growth partnership-so called anjaanenjan MK Azhagiri and Madurai's flex board cutout industry
7-Unseparable acts-dubious godmen and lingam/gold chain out of thin air and throat gimmickry-from Shree Satya Sai Baba to Bhagvan Premananda-:-)
8-Tamil cinema and future-chief ministers-Rajnikanth to Vijaykanth,Bhagyaraj to Ramaraj,Khushboo to Trisha...
9-Andru aanantha vikatanilum,indru kumudathilum"O-pakkangal" eludhum ellaam arindha thannai thaaney "Gnani" endru alaithukolpavarin" indha vaara poochendu"m,"indha vaara kuttu"m-vaaramoru murai avar visaalamaana thalayil oru kottu vaithuvittu, kaiyil oru poochendai kuduthu "am sorry,boss"nu sollanumnu ungalukku thonicho illayo,enakku thonuthey:-)

please note-
all top ten list need not have ten items-nine is enough stuff.

this "shantha tilting wet grinder top ten" is sponsored by
1-madurai amma mess
2-periamet national durbar hotel
3-coimbatore angannan briyani/pulao kadai
4-dindigul venu biryani kadai
5-madurai ameer mahal

Monday, February 18, 2008

getting high on hyperbole-EXTINCTION and SURVIVORS

" india will be a super power by 2020 "
" ishant sharma is india's version of a heady cocktail of curtley ambrose and glen mcgrath "
" reliance power IPO will make retail investors atleast double profits "
" aishwarya rai is bollywood's hottest export to hollywood "
- and million more headlines,campaigns,slogans,hopes,dreams,lecherous salivations and sheer nonsense-
what makes we indians blow our hot air into big bubbles that burst and leave egg on our face?
has this tendency to count before the eggs hatch or even before the eggs have been laid -overtaken SPITTING IN PUBLIC as our nations favourite " JUST TIMEPASS, YAAR "
we are selling tiger skins before we have started hunting?
POLITICALLY INCORRECT,right? - ofcourse, i am-
orders for tiger skins are coming by millions-
so called SEZs are rising in count by the minute,
when VALMIK THAPAR is lamenting that tigers are in the last
thousands by count, and months by time to live-
faster than our much hyped GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT,
what we will be left with- SURVIVORS-
an old lonely bengal tiger-THE GOD OF THE OFFSIDE-saurav ganguly
and million more hungry minds to feed- not with this
nobrainer hyperboles and goebbelsian propaganda but
better places to live,learn and EARN A LIFE
*AM CYNICAL,RIGHT?-better than being blind...

Friday, February 15, 2008

smoking guns ! -worried to death...

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because its now fashionable or even the norm-to be WORRIED TO DEATH about living longer.

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because you feel guilty about polluting the environment when you have just bought a brand new SUV that guzzles gallons of nymex crude future underlyings-that WORRIES TO DEATH the leftists in india to pseudo-champion the cause of pretentious indian middle class dreaming about driving the new-age buddha's comrade TATA's technological wonder NANO.

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because you believe you fear you might end up being bashed up by dr.anbumani ramadoss and his gang of tree-fellers,who are WORRIED TO DEATH, that you might die a natural death in the hands of an activated oncogene than to be lynched by self-anointed guardians of world bank funded healthcare and actress-shriya hating tamil culture.

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because a so-called friend who wants to make you worry about death when he is not WORRIED TO DEATH about whether you live tomorrow or die today .



2-TALKING ABOUT TAMIL EELAM WILL INVITE WRATH - from TRUE INDIANS like no growth-both below and above scalp-cho ramasamy,QUISLING subramania swamy and ardent footlicking aiyyo-saamys and aiyya-saamys better known as tamil congress leaders.

3-BRINGING DOWN AN MU.KA.AZHAGIRI BILLBOARD IN MADURAI WILL BRING SURE DEATH-as you might provide a great oppotunity to the blood thirsty to prove their WILLING TO KILL loyalty