Wednesday, October 8, 2008

let the kid rule his/her life-EIGHT-8-CARDINAL RULES for becoming a BETTER PARENT

dont read MAXIM/old DEBONAIR collection or watch F-TV lingerie collection show in front of your kids-bcoz your kids might demand their more dangerous share of the pie- JET-ix bloodbath terror-toons and TNT/WWE/WWF-simian parody of wrestling

let your children EARN their rewards- watching whatever they want on tv or playing the most violent computer/playstation games- only if they let you let you watch F-TV in peace so that you could,huh...[ dont expect that a shrink should teach about every foolishly forbidden but often fanatically pursued adoloscent pursuits] or let you use their playstation to play the same violent games YOU BOTH love-for a few hours more...

dont get deluded that you are the BEST PARENT ON EARTH or your child is THE MOST INTELLIGENT KID on earth- because most "BEST "parents -euphemism of CONTROL FREAK-TYRANTS - end up creating HARD ROCKIN WEIRDOs [ like ME-present] out of brilliant prodigies [ like ME-past]- (now you heard it from the devil himself...)

let the kids decide what they want to become-the hyper-intelligent janitor of GOODWILL HUNTING or paranoid nobel prize winning JOHN NASH of A BEAUTIFUL MIND or the prodigal FORREST GUMP or just the good samaritan,tax paying,traffic rule obeying,chivalrous and decent citizen next door AND NOT YOU,YOU,YOU...decide or thrust or push your dreams and desires upon him/her.

dont say you were better disciplined and more obedient when you were their age because your kids are more STREET SMART than you ever were and so they know you are lying yet again about your childhood of "doordarshan- chitrahar" watching 1970s and 1980s [ however you feel nostalgic about them or you wish time could better have frozen-in those innocent poor years]

let hold of your finances in tight leash in these consumption rich years-[ considering the current global financial meltdown]-and not letting your baser instincts overcome your fiscal discipline to splurge on what ever your kid wants-just bcoz your parents dint indulge you as you could have wished- you might end up making your child a BRAT or a SNOB and you becoming BANKRUPT[ just like american sub-prime housing mortgage buyers/sellers ended up-buying what you cant afford]

dont quarrel ABOUT KIDS in front of kids-bcoz,with every advancing year- you become more of your wife/husband and the vice versa-you end up knowing each other too well so that you wish you never had known him/her- you tend to comfort and support your child when your spouse is disciplining her/him-you both end up taking sides with the child in turns-so the kid gets confused who the REAL ENEMY is?

LET THE KID RULE HIS/HER LIFE-bcoz,when the kid becomes the pawn in the mind games you play with your spouse,he/she[the much smarter kid] turns the tables on you both-by becoming the master of his own life[ the last thing parents want to happen to their kids-even when the so called kid-happens to be in the wrong side of the balding forties]-when you wanna play doubles with your kids-team up like the 'tougher together'-williams sisters and not like the "has been" often at feud-CONGRESS-LEFT coalition partners.

1-there are true and worthy parenting tips,concealed in the multiple layers of satire,dark sarcasm and dreary cynical word jugglery
2-there is an usage of politically correct gender sensitivity-her/his-she/he-etc-to assuage any inflated intellectual brawl-seeking feministic spirit that stumbles upon this rather mens club feel of this blog

BLOGGING WILL CONTINUE- smoke will continue to emanate from the nostrils of the public domain of this blog,as the fire still burns within my heart-EVEN IF ANBUMANI RAMDOSS fines or incarcerates me...