Friday, February 15, 2008

smoking guns ! -worried to death...

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because its now fashionable or even the norm-to be WORRIED TO DEATH about living longer.

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because you feel guilty about polluting the environment when you have just bought a brand new SUV that guzzles gallons of nymex crude future underlyings-that WORRIES TO DEATH the leftists in india to pseudo-champion the cause of pretentious indian middle class dreaming about driving the new-age buddha's comrade TATA's technological wonder NANO.

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because you believe you fear you might end up being bashed up by dr.anbumani ramadoss and his gang of tree-fellers,who are WORRIED TO DEATH, that you might die a natural death in the hands of an activated oncogene than to be lynched by self-anointed guardians of world bank funded healthcare and actress-shriya hating tamil culture.

quit smoking only if you wish to do so and not because a so-called friend who wants to make you worry about death when he is not WORRIED TO DEATH about whether you live tomorrow or die today .



2-TALKING ABOUT TAMIL EELAM WILL INVITE WRATH - from TRUE INDIANS like no growth-both below and above scalp-cho ramasamy,QUISLING subramania swamy and ardent footlicking aiyyo-saamys and aiyya-saamys better known as tamil congress leaders.

3-BRINGING DOWN AN MU.KA.AZHAGIRI BILLBOARD IN MADURAI WILL BRING SURE DEATH-as you might provide a great oppotunity to the blood thirsty to prove their WILLING TO KILL loyalty


Siddarthan said...
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Siddarthan said...

GG, Enjoyed your sarcasm!
How can you blame Pimp Cho, Mount Road 'Masiraandi' sorry Mahavishnu Hindu Ram, Dabur Mama Swamy, and gang when they fight their battle to keep their positions as the policy makers of Tamils of Tamil Nadu and Eelam by taking advantage of the La Cosa Nostra situation with the ADMK, DMK, and PMK crime families?
(When you say "removing a billboard will warrant death penalty", this land has to be ruled by Mafia families, right?)
How many Iyens and Iyengans consider themselves as Tamils? They consider us their enemies. They and 'Hindi'ans are the reason for the suppression of our people in Eelam. While Puranaanootru Tamils fight and die the Battle of Thermopylae II in Eelam, Tamil race in the future is going to be left with 'Karuna's, Athimbers and Ammamis and their Mundhiriparuppu and Paruppuththengai. Your comments please.