Saturday, March 29, 2008

"ANJAATHEY" paarpathukku ANJAATHEY-phoney oneliner punch for MISHKIN's piece de resistance

-to begin with, i'd like to give you the happy news that its not just another gangsta movie that glorifies yet another mafioso or "rowdy".

-to those fed up with the recent glut of movies that dwell on oft-beaten,milked to dry-genre of gangsta tamil films, "ANJAATHEY"-comes as a whiff of fresh air-accentuated with a cocktail aroma of fresh blood and IMFL of green board adorning dimly lit TASMAC bars.

MISHKIN has endeavoured to etch with realism-a flick,which showcases the role of destiny in entwining the lives of men into a quagmire of paradoxical possibilities-he throws at your face, the inconvenient truth of the inherent quantum instability of "being honest and good"-which turn out to be qualities with very short half-lives,but he subtly brings out with a series of heart-churning events in the life of the film's apparent protagonist,which inadvertently nudge and trip the hero into an idealistic pursuit of duty and responsibilty towards the society.


KATHAIKALAM-novel but realistic background of a delapidated housing complex of police constables and their families'aspirations,neighbourhood camraderie and petty jealousy.

the movie follows the interwining paths of two friends-one with aspirations,idealism and sense of purpose and the other with a carefree,reckless but pragmatic attitude towards life-and the culmination of their relationship towards a precipitious abyss of darkness-where they confront their antipathy and love for each other.

the real pivot around which the flick swivels is not the hero "NAREN" -but the friend with screen name" KIRUBA "who ends up a dark,brooding presence-enshrining the metamorphosis of failed dreams into impotent anger.

but if there is something flashy and vibrant in the movie,although a little too contrived and typically cinematic-it is the stylished villainy and the most popular performance of the movie coming from none other than the much cliched boy next door looker-PRASANNA-is it really,Prasanna? man,he's got talent,no doubt.

Then,for those who could have often felt actors like PANDIARAJAN are over-extending their sell by date expiry,MISHKIN has recycled pandiarajan into a pimpy,payanthakolly,cruel criminal-a multi-layered performance that'll be spoken of with reverence.

the real strength of mishkin is his emphasis and choice for the unforgettable screen presence of SUPPORTING CAST- borderline IQed,loud mouthing- KURUVI, the blood chilling,no nonsense criminal sidekick-SAPPAI, mukam theriadha antha mottai thalai assasin, that ever energetic police officer ponvannan,peyar theriatha pookaara kilavi-endru adukkikondaey poakalaam.

the plot twisting scenes of the movies are cut with innovative angles-mostly focussing on feet and hands of men-avoiding faces during dialogue-with the lighting of a dull 40 watts tungsten filament bulb-sets up an eerie and surrealistic tone for the events unfolding on the screen-requires standing ovation.

the music -especially for the never ending climax-oops,i managed to finally find fault with a rather perfect movie-sets up a crsecendo of orchestration,worth emulating.but the songs-although "kathaalai kannaley kuthathey" has been a big hit with the masses-would have invited the wrath of our honble union minister of health,dr.anbumani ramadoss-because ,as usual-they provide breaks for smoking cigarettes.

naalumaninaeram odinaalum,poatta kaasukku paisa vasool,maamey.

although, i'd have preferred QUENTIN TARANTINOsque quick,slick, stylized flicks-i take this opportunity to honour MISHKIN with the title of FUTURE MARTIN SCORSESE of TAMIL CINEMA.

For everything said and done, LET US SALUTE-MISHKIN
this movie is not for the faint hearted, so " ANJAATHEY "


venkataraman said...

the review as exhausting as the reveals the in depth knowledge of you about the basics in film i have seen the movie i acknowledge your review...venkat

doctor said...


Ramkumar s said...

hi sir each and every word in ur review is true.

it is the best gangster movie in tamil i have ever seen

Anonymous said...

the review was nice.. the movie approaches the relationship between the two friends/ people from a different angle, with no predetermined notions about where it has to go unlike other tamil movies which hesitate to explore the full potential of the undercurrents in every relationship. the movie thus has a tremendous scope to develop as it has and thus comes as a breath of dark but fresh air. i think the female character (uthira) dseserves mention too as she and the parents(livingston et al) root the main characters in contemprary reality and are hence responsible for the feeling of heaviness and "something is not right here" feeling which comes across while watching the movie.