Friday, June 13, 2008

ulaganayagan- dasavathaaram-hype ,hoopla and hot air,huh...

-ulaga tamil cinema rasikarkaley,ungalukku oru anbu vanakkam,aneha namaskaaram,oru peria kumbidu... nethiadiai sollanumnuna,num kala rasanaiai romba naala- romba shaemamaa uyarthivantha kamal hasan ambi-tamil rasikarkalai -dasaavathaaram enum ulagatharam[yaaravathu ulagatharathirkku konjam vilakkam koduthaa nannaa irukkum] vaaintha thiraipadathin peyaraal,hmm...rombavey sothichutandaapa

if you are not a kamal hasan fan,its convenient to say it now.
i hear someone saying
" naan appavey sonnaenla,-too much hype-romba late-aa release aana entha tamil padamum odiyathaa sarithram illa"-
for a change, appavey naan sonnaenlanu solla virumbum anaivarukkum-U R RIGHT-

kamalukkum adi sarukkum,sarukki vilundu vittar aazhkadalin adhala padhaalathil-avar thiraipadathil varum-vainava veerar rengarajan nambi-aipoal,[but this role is one saving grace-role of that avtar singh too]
numma-sorry-unga- ulaga nayaganakku-semathiyaana adi-avar tendency to take-kalarasikamanikaalaana nammai- for granted-ukku,taking the producer for a very expensive ride-ukku.In cinema jargon-flop- is one son of a b!#**- where everyone disowns it.

"its doomed from the beginning"-an oft used expression-here, it begins with a bang-the first fifteen minutes of the flick-live up beyond hype, rises like a wave of tsunami,so high that-when it comes crashing down-it goes downhill all the way and ends with a whimper-paradoxically-it ends with a poor man's english cinema like tsunami -like a B-grade hollywood flick's III grade spl eFX.

pala koadi selavu seithu make up pannaangalaampaa kamal hasanukku- adhukku bathila andha andha charecterla sila pala nalla nadikarkala nadikka vaithirunthaal naalu kudumbam nalla irunthirukkum-producerukkum makeup selavu minji-irukkum. every so MADE-UP kamal looks like a GROTESQUE,GIGANTISM AFFLICTED PLASTERED version of himself-visually unappealing,intellectually uninspiring-patthu avathaaram padathin kadaikku thaevai padavaey illainu adichu solrein,boss-GIMMIx for the sake of GIMMIx.
himesh parava illai- oariru paatu -"kallai mattum"-at the beginning and the bhangra-pop song at the ending-are quite,really impressive.
devi sriprasad BGM- typical telugu movie stuff-romba iraichal perumbaalum,occassionally appropriate.

HIPPOCRATIC and SUPERFLUOS treatment of existentially as well as philosophically serious issues like- existence of god,violence in the name of religion,corporate greed,unethical science,violation of environment,dalit emancipation-are dealt in banal and hackneyed typical mainstream tamil cinemasque pretentious tones-worth condemning for trying to talk about such paramount issues of concern in one stroke of a stupid add to that ,this movie has hurt to the hilt-those who believe in idol worship-oru urchava perumaal silaiai-kanda idathil thooki eriyuraa,thalaikeela puratti edukkuraa-hindu munnani rajagopalan pola aatkal kothicu poiduvaa-minority appeasement laesaa vera- aanaa kadaisiyila muslims-seemed to have been saved by perumal-ngra maathiri oru underlying suggestion vaera-enna vishamam,paarungo.
TO top everything said and done in the movie,the film has grossly insensitive dialogue about the poor victims of HIROSHIMA,PEARL HARBOUR and production workla kooda intha maathiri GLARING ANOMALIES ai yaarumaey kamal hasan sir-ukku suttikkaatalai?

Voluptous with a BIG - V- Mallika Sheravat provides visual relief-HMM..adhuvum interval varaikkum thaan...
ASIN keeps shrieking " AIYO -PerumAALAE"in a shrill tone all thru out the movie-namakkum appadithaan solla thonuthu-ADA ANDAVA-UNSOATHANAIKKU ORU ALAVILLAIYAA?.oru kamal hasan padathil naditha perumai avarukku,namakko porumai thaan sothikkapaduthu...
PAAVAM-jayaprada,naagesh,KR vijaya,napolean-laesaa thenpaduraanga,vanthu vasanam paesi kamal natpukku thalai vanangittu poaraanga-matterku varuvoam

may be kamal hasan has forgotten-
there exists-an expression-" TO CUT TO THE CHASE"-he has interpreted it literally,concretely and what not?-this film is one long dreary-EPPADAA MUDIUM ?-kinda-chase,chase,chase- from a rolling contraption to car to helicopter to aeroplane to jeep to van to train to bike to running on foot,again to train-chase. "hmm,ippavey kanna kattudhaa" -you defenitely feel tired [ kamal too,appears so] at the end of the movie-especially your feet,eyes and ears,huh-on-a longgg ... journey-with hope-to begin with-and exhaustion -to end with-thats the right way to cut to the chase...

the most diehard kamal hasan fan-comes out -saying insecurely" padam paravaillaipa-enna solra?"- then-the so called KAVIPAERARASU vairamuthuvin "AI.NAvum allaikkum ULAGANAYAGAN"-aen antha AI.NA, aen intha aarukodi tamilmakkalai thaun kalaithimiraal kaaya paduthi kodumai seithirukkum kamalhasan avarkalai alaikkum enbathu avar tharkka vaatham seithirukkum-andha oruvaelai illiayo endru ninaikka thonrum kadavulukku mattumaey velicham.

BUT there is one IRONY-kamal has- thru his disjointly entertaining series of wise cracks -all thru the movie-uppilla,sathilla thinpandathirkku-sakkarai saerka muyarchikum vaelaikalin mudivil- quips something like

" NAAN KADAVUL ILLAINU SOLLALA- kadavul irunthaa nalla irukkumnu solrein"- one gem of a dialogue,i believe-[ at last,something positive to say about the movie]

I WISH THAT TOO- KADAVUL irunthaal kamal hasan-ukku nalla puthiai kuduthu-pirathiyaa panathai vaari iraithu veenadikkaama, nalla pillaiyaandaan aatum-makkal manam noakaama-uruppadiyaa aduthu oru padam eduthu ilantha maanamariaadhaia olungaa kaapathikitta avarukkum nallathu, namakkum nallathu.


Siddarthan said...

C'mon, GG! So this won't make it to Oscar after winning a hard-fought battle with one crappy Hindi movie? That's sad! Anyway Kamaldhasan says he doesn't care for Oscar since it is an American award. If Sujatha were alive, he would have grieved this was another milestone in Tamil cinema and the masses are not up to Kamal the intellectual's wavelength. GG, please don't waste your precious time and energy to worry about these rascals. I want your knowledge and wisdom to be useful in a better way. Life is too short and we live only once GG. Yada, yada...

jayakumar palanisamy said...

Brother don't waste your time for this type of hyper fellows! Intha sunday cricket clubukku nan leave.

Anonymous said...

kamal hassan is a megalomaniac and the tamil movie industry has made sycophancy the norm. moonu mani neram kamalaiyae paarthukittu irukkirathukku avar enna ethaavathu ulaga azhzgiya... ithula paarthu mudichittu padam nalla irukkku nu vaera solli... aaskarukku recommendu panni.... athu kudukkala appadinnaa hollywood romba mosamnu sollanumaam.. enna kodumai saar ithu.when will they learn to call a flop a flop... useless b*******.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Chitra said...
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vijay said...

hello bro,was little couldn reply have strained more than kamal and understanding ur review is on par with kamals interviews..but still i dont know what has stimulated u so much against him..we all know what he is capable of..this time he hasd been made to compromise for the commercial aspects thats all..dont look too much between the lines because we are people who have been making masala heroes superstars and thalapathies..its not easy to edit all the roles in a single frame with same lighting effects and all...i think the comment is getting too technical..but on the whole i enjoyed the film and i think kamal can add these sort of commercial aspects into his movies so that his effort is recognised in this world of masalas and in person...bye

Dr.Karthikeyan a.k.a. GG said...

hi- vijay alias my sweet "iyeru",

every other one- is coming out and saying-i've been li'l too harsh on kamal hasan-quite true.

but when it comes to him-i expect him to live up to standards of excellence- expected of him,which he miserably fails.

i know if some fans of him are coming out saying -
"oru thadavai paakalaam",
"parava illai",
" romba mosamnullaam solla mudiathu",
"first half nalla irukku-second halfdhaan konjam...."
- its more because of SYMPATHY for his hardwork for now-a losing cause-and BlinD love for an actor- who has defied age and generations- to cast a speel on those who are willing.

but for,everything said and done - its a PERVERTED expression of kamal hasan's NARCISSM- self love of his MIRROR image,literally-at its VULGAR EXCESS.

game is up,old fella
new guys've come, gotta move on..

but,deep within my heart-
i sincerely wish and hope-
he rises out of this embers of selflove
-LIKE A much cliched PHOENIX

PARTHI said...


Dr.karthikeyan a.k.a.GG said...

dear parthi,
well said,man - great to hear from you- reminded of good old IMH "drunk till dawn" days.kamalkey punch for punch kuduthittiyae..paarthi-